Service Industry 80’s New Years Eve!


Had to work on NYE? No worries, we’ve got you covered…

If you’re in the service industry, whether you’re a bartender, server, nurse, or some other slave to the grody public, chances are you had to work on December 31st. So, because we know if anyone deserves a totally wicked NYE it’s you, we’ve decided to throw, like, a totally bitchin’ party 80’s style, duh, and kick off our 1st Annual Service Industry NYE Extravaganza! We’ll have drink specials and acoustic music plus a prize for the best 80s costume! Honey Extractor will serenade us starting at 9pm with their righteous tunes and we’ll have a photo booth set up and a professional photographer on hand to snap some gnarly pics of you in your totally rad 80’s attire! So grab your Aquanet and a friend (or 5) and prepare to party like it’s 1985!

Oh, and if you’re totally bogus and don’t motor over with your bod, like, totally decked to the max? Then just gag me with a spoon already…..this party is going to be totally ace!

Sunday, January 31st | 8pm – 2am
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